Agape Cromosoma



For Dapprio, the goal was to support their design team in meeting deadlines, assist with UI standardization, and create interactive prototypes. They specifically sought expertise in Figma to help their relatively inexperienced team properly build and reuse components.


The main challenge was that Dapprio's design team was new to Figma and struggled with building and reusing components. This required us to start by creating foundational elements to work on the layout, rebuilding most components, and creating new ones. Additionally, we needed to review and improve their login and registration user flow to develop an interactive prototype urgently needed for stakeholder presentations.


We successfully handed off optimized Figma files and a functional interactive prototype, meeting Dapprio's urgent needs and enabling their design team to better manage future projects.

How we did it

Met with Dapprio's design team to review the project.
Leveraged Figma expertise to guide the relatively inexperienced team.
Created foundational elements to establish a proper layout.
Rebuilt components and created new ones to ensure consistency and reusability.
Reviewed the login and registration user flow to identify UX/UI improvements.
Developed an interactive prototype to demonstrate functionality to stakeholders.
Provided optimized Figma files.
Delivered a functional interactive prototype to meet Dapprio's urgent needs.