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Heart Health Assessment
Understand your heart with our quick assessment. You’ll learn about your potential risk of getting cardiovascular disease.
New UI Exploration
Work was done together with the L'Oréal team in New York, in order to improve interactions in the purchase process of various products and collections.
Meta Transformation
We collaborated in the transformation of Facebook for business towards Meta for business, applying the new design system for the UK division of Meta.
Iq standardization
Under NDA
Identify pain points and propose improvements on them, as well as the implementation of a design system to provide a standard through the iQ application.
Iq & CP Design System
Under NDA
Design and build a new design system from scratch, creating new foundations and components.
Credit Request tracking platform
Pinpoint the current process's pain points and design a fresh feature in the online banking platform so clients can submit, manage and track their credit requests.
Otomo Web design & design system
Create new branding, also design and build a new design system from scratch, creating new foundations and components.
ladbs website redesign
Comprehend the business, identify areas of concern, suggest enhancements, and propose a complete overhaul of their website.
sketch to figma work migration
Collaborated with the design team to seamlessly migrate Sketch files to Figma, preserving the integrity of the original designs and optimizing assets.
dapprio ui standardization
Collaborate closely with the design team to assess existing designs and contribute to implementing enhancements.