Bayer Aspirin

Heart Health Assessment


AnalogFolk reached out to us seeking support for a Bayer Aspirin project. They aimed to tackle the heightened vulnerability to blood clots and heart attacks stemming from lifestyle choices. Their objective was to create an assessment test capable of gauging an individual's risk of experiencing a heart attack, with the overarching goals of promoting awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing patients with a means to evaluate their heart attack risk.


The challenge involved crafting a user-friendly web-based assessment that could be accessed from any location. It required a design approach centered around the user's needs and preferences. Understanding the specific pain points users encountered during similar assessments was essential. Moreover, the challenge included integrating personalized feedback within the assessment to offer actionable insights for users. Additionally, the design aimed to encourage users to participate in the assessment more frequently, enhancing its overall effectiveness.


The web-based application's launch was a success, with users praising its ease of use and actionable personalized feedback. A significant uptick in assessment frequency underscored the design's effectiveness in fostering user engagement. In essence, Aspirin Bayer's project not only raised awareness about healthy lifestyles but also potentially saved lives. The user-centric approach adopted by the UX designers resulted in a simple yet engaging design, demonstrating how UX design can deliver solutions beneficial to both the company and its users.

How we did it

Coordinate meetings with the design team we're collaborating with
Familiarize ourselves with the Huma service utilized for building assessment logic
Develop a user flow to guide interactions
Draft low-fi designs for each screen
Establish foundational styles and elements through review
Construct a low-fi interactive prototype using Protopie for Bayer-led usability tests
Refine designs into high-fi versions
Create and document textual content
Document design screens and animations