Grupo Mutual



Grupo Mutual, a financial conglomerate comprising subsidiaries Mutual Valores Puesto de Bolsa, Mutual Seguros, and Mutual Sociedad Fondos de Inversión (SAFI), aims to promote credit, savings, and investment to positively impact Costa Rica's development. The project’s goal was to enhance user satisfaction and improve digital credit management.


To achieve this, we conducted user interviews to identify user archetypes and created proto-personas. We defined technical requirements and aligned them with the technology teams to understand capabilities and constraints. During the discovery phase, we identified internal process pain points and developed low-fidelity prototypes. Usability tests revealed internal process errors, which were communicated for correction. The final design underwent 30 usability tests involving customers, internal users, and regional managers to ensure favorable outcomes.


The integration of a credit tracking tool allowed users to check their credit status 24/7, significantly improving communication between clients and advisors and boosting satisfaction from 44% to 92%. Additionally, digital cards with advisor contact details were integrated. This solution emerged from a user survey revealing dissatisfaction (below 50%) with digital credit management due to lack of visibility, confirmed by interviews. The proposal was accepted and implemented. The solution is now in use for online banking clients at Grupo Mutual Online Banking.

How we did it

Conducted preliminary research and user interviews to identify user archetypes.
Developed proto-personas based on user interviews to better understand user needs.
Defined technical requirements based on user needs.
Held sessions with technology teams to understand their capabilities.
Aligned all teams and made necessary adjustments to technical requirements before proceeding with the design.
Conducted a discovery phase to understand internal processes and highlight pain points.
Created low-fidelity prototypes.
Conducted usability tests to identify errors in the internal process, which were communicated for correction.
Advanced to the final design phase with 30 usability tests.
Engaged clients, internal users, and regional managers to achieve favorable results.
Developed and integrated a credit tracking tool for 24/7 status inquiries.
Integrated digital cards with advisor contact details for easy access.
Responded to user satisfaction surveys that indicated dissatisfaction with digital credit management.
Confirmed survey findings through interviews, leading to the proposal’s acceptance and execution.