Maybelline New York

NEw UI Exploration


AnalogFolk design team aimed to refresh the Maybelline New York US website, working within their established branding. They sought a more UI-focused design with easily applicable UX improvements. Our task was to create wireframes and explore new layouts for product and shopping pages, using industry benchmarks for insights.


The existing Maybelline website had issues with page consistency, content hierarchy, and responsiveness across devices. Over a two-month collaboration, we reviewed multiple design proposals for their collections and online store.


After client approval of the low-fidelity designs, they were handed off to the Visual Designer for high-fidelity conversion. The project was successful, and our deliverables are now implemented on the current website.

How we did it

Met with Maybelline New York to understand their goals for refreshing the US website.
Benchmarked direct competitors to grasp industry standards in beauty and cosmetics.
Created low-fidelity wireframes for product pages and the shopping page layouts.
Delivered a UI-focused solution with easily applicable UX fixes.
Addressed key issues like inconsistency, poor content hierarchy, and non-adaptive layouts.
Collaborated with Maybelline, reviewing multiple design proposals for each collection and the online store.
Presented and obtained approval for low-fidelity designs from the client.
Handed off approved low-fidelity designs to the Visual Designer for high-fidelity conversion.