Meta transformation


The Meta project emerged from a commercial collaboration with Analog Folk and involved transforming the brand from Facebook for Business to Meta for Business in the United Kingdom. The primary objective was to introduce a new design system and update the color palette. Our task was to redesign the main sections and informational materials.


During the project, we collaborated with a team of content writers and image editors, and we received periodic reviews from the Meta team. We created 18 designs for pages related to technology, communication, transportation, fashion, and more, focusing on how to enhance businesses in the UK. Additionally, we suggested improvements in the use of components to optimize their scalable use.


The project lasted a year and a half. The designs we created are currently used as part of the educational and informational materials on the Meta for Business website: [Meta for Business](

How we did it

Collaborated with Analog Folk to rebrand Facebook for Business to Meta for Business in the UK.
Introduced a new design system and updated the color palette.
Redesigned main website sections and informational materials to reflect the new brand.
Worked with content writers and image editors for cohesive content.
Held regular review sessions with the Meta team to stay on track.
Developed 18 designs for pages related to various industries, enhancing UK businesses.
Suggested component improvements to optimize scalability and efficiency.