Yoyo Studio



Yoyo Studio needed to complete a project to address declining sales since 2021, which was due to Sketch losing popularity to Figma. They reached out to us for expert assistance to migrate their Wireland product from Sketch to Figma because their team lacked sufficient knowledge of Figma and had other project commitments.


The challenge was to reuse as many components as possible during the migration. We reviewed the eight files they had but, due to budget constraints, we could only work on half. We negotiated to focus on the four most important files, which had the highest sales and shared the most elements and components, enabling their team to complete the remaining files in their spare time.


The project took two months and was delivered successfully. The result was an improved UI kit and all templates designed with the latest Figma features and best practices.

How we did it

Met with Yoyo Studio to understand their challenges with declining sales and the need to migrate from Sketch to Figma.
Reviewed the eight Sketch files provided by Yoyo Studio to assess the components and elements that could be reused.
Negotiated to prioritize the most important files to migrate.
Developed a strategy to maximize the reuse of existing components to ensure a smooth and efficient migration process.
Carried out the migration of the prioritized files from Sketch to Figma, focusing on maintaining consistency and improving efficiency.
Enhanced the existing UI kit with the latest features and best practices available in Figma.
Redesigned all templates to leverage Figma's capabilities, ensuring they were optimized for future use and scalability.
Delivered the improved UI kit and redesigned templates.